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dos2unix missing (Ubuntu 10.04)

clipped from www.virtualhelp.me

dos2unix missing (Ubuntu 10.04)
Yet another „feature“ from the developers of ubuntu to simplify life. „dos2unix“ and „unix2dos“ are missing in version 10.04 (Lucid).
First of all, install dos2unix package:
sudo aptitude install tofrodos
Then if you want „dos2unix“ type „fromdos“ and if you want „unix2dos„, type „todos„.

Debian on the Lemote YeeLoong

Loongson Club logoLemote YeeLoong dragon mascotSo, I bought myself a Lemote YeeLoong 8089B „notebook“. Well, actually its more a netbook. As I had such god success with Debian on my SGI O2, I wanted to try a more modern MIPS based device. Something that I could actually use for something other than just show of as fancy old school hardware to my buddies. Lemote’s YeeLoong with its Chinese „dragon chip“ Loongson, a reverse engineered, MIPS compatible CPU, provided me with just that thing.

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