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Convert a UNIX timestamp into a date

Was just googling for a fast way to convert a timestamp into a date without having to leave the shell (yes, I’m lazy 😉 ) and thanks to Anton found some solutions:
clipped from anton.lr2.com

BASH: Convert Unix Timestamp to a Date

Awk has a wrapper for the standard C strftime function:
echo $EPOCH|awk ‘{print strftime(”%c”,$1)}’
# date -d @1000000042
Sun Sep  9 01:47:22 GMT 2001
But this only works on newer versions of date.  It fails on my FC2 server and my Debian Sarge machine, but works fine on Ubuntu Feisty and Debian Etch.

When NFS4 shares with Kerberos encryption will not mount after an upgrade to Debian Squeeze

Then maybe you are facing this problem:
clipped from ubuntuforums.org
kinit in krb5-user (Ubuntu 10.04 beta2) not working

To use Kerberos, I installed the ssh-krb5 & krb5-user package in Ubuntu 10.04 beta 2, but when I call kinit, it gives the following error message:

No supported encryption types (config file error?) while getting initial credentials

I had this same problem. The reason for me was that my KDC requires des-cbc-crc encryption, which is apparently deprecated as of 10.04. After a Google search, I found:

„Please also note, that des-cbc-crc encryption is depreciated and, starting with Ubuntu 10.04, is no longer supported by default in the Kerberos libraries. For nfs4 to work, you need to add allow_weak_crypto = true to /etc/krb5.conf“
under [libdefaults] section