When NFS4 shares with Kerberos encryption will not mount after an upgrade to Debian Squeeze

Then maybe you are facing this problem:
clipped from ubuntuforums.org
kinit in krb5-user (Ubuntu 10.04 beta2) not working

To use Kerberos, I installed the ssh-krb5 & krb5-user package in Ubuntu 10.04 beta 2, but when I call kinit, it gives the following error message:

No supported encryption types (config file error?) while getting initial credentials

I had this same problem. The reason for me was that my KDC requires des-cbc-crc encryption, which is apparently deprecated as of 10.04. After a Google search, I found:

„Please also note, that des-cbc-crc encryption is depreciated and, starting with Ubuntu 10.04, is no longer supported by default in the Kerberos libraries. For nfs4 to work, you need to add allow_weak_crypto = true to /etc/krb5.conf“
under [libdefaults] section

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