Installation from USB Stick

The method described below is truly one of the simplest for installing an Ubuntu ISO image on an USB stick.
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  • use syslinux to make the usb stick bootable (you will need to set the bootable flag too. i think syslinux gives you pointers on how to if it isn’t set, that or use something like fdisk)
  • copy the contents of the ‚isolinux‘ dir on the install iso into the root dir on the usb stick
  • rename isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg
  • goto…ages/hd-media/ and download the initrd.gz and vmlinuz files.
  • create a folder on the usb stick called ‚install‘ and copy initrd.gz and vmlinuz into it (or alternatively edit the syslinux.cfg to point it to the correct location of initrd.gz+vmlinuz)
  • copy the ubuntu iso you wish to install onto the root of the usb stick

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