GNU screen: select, copy & paste

In this little snip, we learn how to select, copy and paste text betwen screen’s and even files.
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Scrolling back in Screen

To enter the scrollback mode press C-a <Esc>. Now, you can scroll up and down in the current terminal using the <PageUp>/<PageDown> keys or the C-u and C-d commands.

Selecting text, copying, pasting

Copying works by selecting a start position and an end position for text to be copied. These are marked with the cursor’s current position by pressing the <Space> key. Between two strokes the buffer can be navigated with the keys <h>, <j>, <k>, <l>, <arrow keys>. And this default behavior can be changed in .screenrc. The content of the buffer can then be pasted back into any other Screen window of the current session by typing C-a ]

Advanced copying

set Screen into copy mode with C-a <Esc>, select the text between two <Space> keystrokes and then set a buffer file in the current directory with C-a :bufferfile notes.txt. This file is written into by C-a >.

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