GNU screen: Splitting the screen into regions

This time it’s about the how to split the screen and change the size of those regions.
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Screen can horizontally split into regions, each holding a different terminal.
To open a new region one types C-a S (capital s, please!).
To enter that newly created region we have to tab into it: C-a <Tab> Still nothing can be seen, but we can now cycle through our open terminals with C-a n or C-a p.
To close a region type C-a X.
A region with focus can be resized with C-a + or C-a - By default this changes the height by 3 lines.
Alternatively, you can specify the height to an absolute number by going into Screens command mode.
Typing C-a : puts Screen into command mode and the status line at the bottom changes.
Screen now accepts direct commands and resize 24 makes the currently focused region exactly 24 lines high.

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